It's so over...😞

Undimmed Has Moved!

So a few years back, I decided that it would be a good idea to host a little XMPP server for myself and some personal friends. I bought the domain, pointed it to a server running Debian 10, and got everything going in a short afternoon. I even went through the trouble of creating a little landing page for it.

Well, long story short, that XMPP server hasn’t been active in quite some time, so I decided to pull the plug on it. However, I was still fond of the landing page I had created, and didn’t want to simply forget about it on some flash drive somewhere. So, as of today, now points to the VPS that runs this site, and if you visit from that URL, you’ll see the landing page that I designed way back when. I also went through the trouble of cleaning up the CSS; my code was much messier back then (if you can even call CSS “code”).

Maybe one of these days, I could have the image and hymn change to represent the most recent major fast/feast?

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