Photographs From the Falls

March 01, 2022


A small collection of photographs.

There’s this sort of “nature attraction” not far from my parents’ old house. It consists of a waterfall, whose stream cuts down through a small valley, in parallel to a walking trail on the ridge.

It used to be one of those places that wasn’t too well known, even if you were a local – you just had to know someone who knew.

During the first lockdown, people began to look for things to do outdoors, and gradually, places like The Falls came to be more frequently populated.

But before all that, when we were the only souls who cared to pay a visit, my brothers and our cousin would come here to smoke our pipes, and sometimes cigars, if we had extra money for some reason.

Really, we didn’t have much to do for fun (that was cheap), so “smoking while walking around in different places” more or less became our default activity.

Regardless, this was always one of our favorite venues.



Fallen Log






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